Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ode to Joy of being Taylor's mommy...

Tiny Tay Bug,

You've had your mommy teared up many times these past few months because you're getting So big. I want to tell you that I never knew how much I could love someone till you came. There is never a dull moment, you truly have the BEST personality. Here are some things you are doing lately that make me a little insane and giggly at the same time... Bath time means you pull everything off the sides including very HEAVY shampoo bottles, which unavoidably hit your mom every day because I LOVE to be in there with you. Every day I stack the letters in the corner for you and you get so enthusiastic to get over there to pull them down into the tub. I love that you still come sit in my lap and relax just like when you were tiny. That is my favorite time of the day because I get to look at you eye to eye and see your sweet baby face, thank you for still doing that for me. Walking.... well put more accurately, your human walking machine, are daddy and my fingers. You grab them and take off, even before we have stood up. You steer us where you want to go and will definitely NOT be led where you don't wish to go. Mostly you are headed to the front door to go outside. Once you get us there, you say "oh oh oh" to the door bell, where you grab my finger and repeatedly ring it with unfailing pleasure. You are so very smart. When it's time for your bottle you must be in my arms so you can help me push the buttons on the microwave and hear the sound of the ba-ba warming be complete. Now FINALLY you hold your own bottle, it's the sweetest thing ever-- since I've held it for you for the past 11 months. But WHY do you have to look so cute because I really want to disappear the bottles on your birthday. Sorry Fuss, we'll have to see who wins this war:) Outside is where you would be all day if possible. The glow on your face is the most peaceful and simple expression you have, and I know it's because you are where you want to be. It's sheer baby delight. You love to fill up the rows in the garden and climb into each one to sit in the mud, you are just like your daddy. You also monkey crawl everywhere because you don't like the feeling of the grass on your knee's... dad and I think it's hysterical. You still fuss when I put you down for your naps, no matter how many songs I sing to you. BUT... you wake up telling stories and with a SOAKING wet blanket...which you suck all night and nap long. I suppose you could've used a binky??? However watching you crawl into your room and pull your blanket through your crib to suck it is far more memorable and unique. You are a bit of a grumpy eater, unless it's Cafe Rio.... you're just like mommy:) I do get frustrated feeding you but I love when you feed yourself with a fork. You are too smart and wise beyond your years. Lately you are a momma's boy which I LOVE. You follow me everywhere and want me to hold you constantly. You crawl extremely fast towards me and stop midway to put your arms in the air and wave them until I get you. Dad and I love to hear you tell stories right now, you do it all day and it's the best music I've ever heard. I will be sad when it ends, but I know you'll be pleased to tell me what you're thinking.... not that your EXPRESSIONS don't do the job. You lower your eye brows when you are displeased, see a stranger, or are startled. You lower your lip out FAR when I tell you No or you get into trouble. And you cuss when you are pushed past your limits.... it's really funny but you do get into trouble for this:( I love to be your mom, you are the sweetest little boy and every day I'm so thankful that you are healthy and at home with me. This has been a long hard year for our family, but really the best year of our lives. You'll always be my baby and PS--- you can never get married, I'm sorry I already can't handle the thought of it:) Love, Your Mommy.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Missing the tiny taybug, but not where this picture was taken.....
If I grump at you like a puppy will you stop taking my pictures?

I think this is the 300th kiss she's given me this week!

I'm too cute for my shirt!

Granni's shoulder is the best, I love her!

The Fuss family has been "falling" and has forgotten the bloging! We have visited Granna and Grandpa, dressed as a puppy for Granni's party, sat in a pumpkin, and snorted with the piggies at schnepf farms. Mommy fuss really needs to learn how to get the pictures off her video camera:) It's on the to-do list this week along with ordering Taybug's entire life of pictures.... and YES I do have to make lists each week. SOMEHOW this keeps me sane and something to look forward to or DRED. Daddy fuss has been wonderful, as always, but especially when the Fuss was extra fussy this week.... I left for an hour to relax and came home to a bubble bath ready for me. So sweet.... minus the bubbles--- which weren't the liquid kind HUBBY:) Sorry to embarass you. Here are some pictures, none of which pertain to this post, but will hold be accountable to posting them.... soon....

Friday, September 11, 2009

3 months and CHARMING!

The tiny fuss is 14 weeks old, so we just had his pictures taken. He is adorable. So fun. And progressing perfectly! These pictures were taken by my fabulous sister.... you DO want her to take yours, believe me, kiddie kandids can't do this. Email her: ($65 dollars if you book before Oct 1st) New Mommy's: newborn pictures are a MUST!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today is the eve of Tay-Bug 3 months bliss!
Today is the first morning I woke up in my crib

Today Tay and mom cried together....

Today we met baby Charly

Today I held my head up, oh so proudly!

Today is the day before tomorrow, which will hopefully be a new fresh day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things that melt my heart....

These are the best picture I could find of his "sunken eyebrows and melting into the sponge."---You'll read about these things:)

The older my tay-bug grows, the more I love him and melt. I am enjoying our little family melting together as we make changes and learn new trials. Today I think I finally moved over my "working hump." Motherhood doesn't exactly give you the daily reward of a job-well-done as working does, however, rarely does working place imprints on your heart. There are times when I helped someone accomplish a goal, learn a new skill or strategy, and that was rewarding and I still remember their face. Thoughts crossed my mind that there wasn't a better feeling. WRONG. Never did I think I would BEAM over a baby hanging over my shoulder. So I have finally faced the thought I have been TRYING to learn.... motherhood is a lifelong reward that someday will reap success.

Thing that make me melt:

A baby who wakes in the night, I'm convinced, just so he can hold his mommy for a while.

A baby snuggled in the moon of my tummy, with a daddy holding us both.

Greeting a smile when instantly noticed in a room.

Eyes following me while I leave the room with a brow of disappointment.

Sleeping eyes on my chest in the bathtub.

A sigh of exhaustion, with a head draping backwards. (closeline)

One eye peeking, just to make sure I am STILL holding him.

Sunken eyebrows with hands folded beneath the chin. I AM THINKING.

Grunting for business:)
Suck-sucking of a binky, moaning, to concentrate sleepy time, or filling an empty tummy.

Coo's in the morning, evening, and afternoon.

The sweet "lick-licking" of a baby who has found his mommy's shoulder.

Tiny hands discovering puppy dogs, and fishies. BAT.BAT.BAT

Drifting eyes while singing lullaby's

Listening ears to goldie-locks and the three bears.
A steady heartbeat.
Soft snoring and giggles from puppy-dog dreams.

Flailing arms approaching displeasure or excitement.

Sinking into the sponge to get deeper into the water. Sunken Eyebrows.

Smiles. Giggles. Joy.

I love you Tay bug and your daddy too:)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sleep deprived and counting.....

If and when you get your birth announcement, you will see the deprevation of a dumb mom named HEIDI! I said Taylor was 21 inches, mind you I made these late night when he was actually SLEEPING..... and he was 19 inches. Yes I had to check.... ARGGG!

Monday, August 10, 2009

La Jolla

My Papa took his kids to La Jolla, CA for a week... how fun, huh?! My mom couldn't wait to lay in the sun, play in the waves, and come home "black" as she always used to say. RUDE AWAKENING of absolute sweetness. Me. My mom had the car packed brim to brim with all my THINGS. She was a nutcase a few days before we left. I hung in my Bjorn all day with mom, rough life for me, now that's where I want to be at home. My mom enjoyed having an excuse to have me attached to her all day even though she couldn't do all the normal things with me. It was a vacation from regular life to enjoy me and my dad.

Laying in the grass with mommy and daddy. Cute little fuss fuss.
San Diego Temple.... AMAZING!

Turtle power in my swim suit, laying on the sand entertaining my mom and Aunt Shayla. STRETCH!

My papa bought me a matching harley davidson shirt... to which my mom will NEVER let me ride one. My dad DISAGREE'S. I am catching my Papa's double chin:)

Here I am with my parents before going to sea world.... I love the otters and SHAMU!

...and my FAT cousin catching some zzz's. Love you chubby buppie.

Here is my PHAT Papa catching some rays

My mommy took me to watch my dad surf, but only caught him teaching his nieces and nephews. He is the best.